Saving Fuel with Clear Burn

If you could save up to 10% on your diesel fuel bills, what would that do for your annual costs? And if you could reduce your maintenance requirements at the same time, how would your savings look then?

Clear Burn is a revolutionary, non-detergent, sulphur-free fuel additive that produces independently endorsed reductions in fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance needs. It's purpose-designed for diesel engines running under industrial conditions and has a proven track record in areas such as electricity generation.

Who's using Clear Burn?  Who's using Clear Burn?

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How much could Clear Burn save you? Try our savings calculator to get an indication.

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ISO9001:2008 Certificate

ISO 9001 Accreditation for Mana Energy

Mana Energy achieved a significant milestone in February when it was awarded accreditation under ISO9001:2008. ISO9001 is the primary quality standard, recognised globally as a demonstration of a company's commitment to delivering consistent and independently monitored quality.

Uday Bawa, Mana Energy's CEO, sees the accreditation as an important demonstration of the company's focus and ambitions. "Clear Burn has proved itself as a powerful force in reducing the fuel consumption and environmental impact of many of India's largest diesel users," he said. "There's no doubt that we have a world-leading product; now that our quality processes are certified to an internationally recognised standard, international buyers can look to us with confidence to deliver."

Please click here or on the image to the left to view our ISO9001 Certificate.

Shriram Test Results

Proof of Savings

Tests carried out by the Shriram Institute in 2011 provided independent proof that Clear Burn produces genuine and significant savings.

Up to 12.5% reduction in diesel consumption

Up to 30.8% reduction in particulates

10-11% reduction in NOx emissions

Up to 20% reduction in total hydrocarbon emissions

You can view their report here

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Personal Service

We're committed to providing you with one-to-one attention and expert after-sales service.

The first step in our working together is usually for us to assign a team to your case to evaluate the savings available to you. They'll measure your diesel consumption, both before and after administering Clear Burn, and provide you with a full report.

When you have a proven result to go on, the decision to keep saving money by using Clear Burn may be the easiest - and most profitable - decision you've ever made.

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